Univariate vs Bivariate Data
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Examine the differences between univariate and bivariate data.

Univariate Data Bivariate Data
  • involving a single variable
  • involving two variables
  • does not deal with causes or relationships
  • deals with causes or relationships
  • the major purpose of univariate analysis is to describe
  • the major purpose of bivariate analysis is to explain
  • central tendency - mean, mode, median
  • dispersion - range, variance, max, min, quartiles, standard deviation.
  • frequency distributions
  • bar graph, histogram, pie chart, line
    graph, box-and-whisker plot
  • analysis of two variables simultaneously
  • correlations
  • comparisons, relationships, causes,
  • tables where one variable is contingent on the values of the other variable.
  • independent and dependent variables
Sample question:  How many of the students in the freshman class are female? 


Sample question:  Is there a relationship between the number of females in Computer Programming and their scores in Mathematics?