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Quantum Theory

E = Explanation, D = Demo, L = Lab Excercise Q = Quiz,

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E The Origin of Light - Quantum Theory
This is an animated look at the atomic origin of light and the quantization of energy. Also covers absorption of light. [QuickTime]
Steve Wirt
E Photon - Particle Collisions : The Compton Effect
This is an animated look at a collision between a photon of light and an electron. It demonstrates that photons have momentum and have particle properties.
Steve Wirt
E Photon Collisions Make Measurements of Position Uncertain
This lesson covers the Heisenberg uncertainty principle and the role of photon momentum making it difficult to be certain of where an electron is and what it is doing. (NOTE: By itself the uncertainty principle is not covered on the NYS Regents Exam but it may help you to understand photon momentum which is covered on the exam.)
Steve Wirt
E Matter Waves : deBroglie Waves
This quick lesson looks at the notion that any moving particle has a wavelength…it's just really tiny.
Steve Wirt

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