Regents Practice TEST 3
Interactive Version - Long Response

Algebra 2 Trigonometry Level

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Directions:  These are the Part II, III, and IV long response questions.  Have paper ready to work out the problems, then check your answers by clicking the ANSWER button.  You may use your graphing calculator.

Part II:

28  Solve for all values of x:    
29   Two circles whose equations are (x - 3)2 + (y - 5)2 = 25  and
(x - 7)2 + (y - 5)2 = 9 intersect in two points.  What is the equation of the line passing through these two points?
30  Evaluate: 
31  Solve:  x2 - x - 12 > 0.  State the answer in interval notation.
32   A car's stopping distance varies directly with the speed it travels, and inversely with the friction value of the road surface.  If a car takes 60 feet to stop at 32 mph, on a road whose friction value is 4, what would be the stopping distance of a car traveling at 60 mph on a road with a friction value of 2?                        
33  Find the zeros of the polynomial function:   
34   Solve for x:      

Part III:

36  The accompanying table shows the number of bacterial present in a certain culture over a 5-hour period, where x is the time, in hours, and y is the number of bacteria.
x y
0 1,000
1 1,049
2 1,100
3 1,157
4 1,212
5 1,271

Write an exponential regression equation for this data, rounding all values to four decimal places.

Using this equation, determine the number of whole bacteria present when x equals 6.5 hours.

37  During a training exercise in the Mojave Desert, two military vehicles left the base camp at the same time, one traveling at an average speed of 25 miles per hour and the other at an average speed of 50 miles per hour.  Each vehicle traveled along a level, straight route.  If the exercise requires the two vehicles to be 65 miles apart after traveling 1 hour, what must the angle between the two routes be, to the nearest degree?


 38  The sum of twice a positive integer and four times the reciprocal of the integer is 9.  Find the integer.

Part IV:

39   Perform the indicated operations and simplify completely:


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