Practice Solving
Direct and Inverse Variation
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Solve the following variation problems using the proper formula. 


Variable M varies directly with p
If M = 75 when p = 10,
find M when p = 16.




R varies inversely with variable T
If R is 168 when T = 24,
 find R when T = 30.





Variable Y varies jointly with P and Q.
  If Y = 144 when P = 12 and Q = 8,
find Y when P = 15 and Q = 25.




The volume, V, of a gas varies inversely as the pressure, p, in a container.  If the volume of a gas is 200cc when the pressure is 1.6 liters per square centimeter, find the volume (to the nearest tenth) when the pressure is 2.8 liters per sq centimeter..




Variable T varies directly with
the square of m.
If T is 8 when m = 2,
find T when m = 4.




In science, one theory of life expectancy states that the lifespan of mammals varies inversely to the number of heartbeats per minute of the animal.  If a gerbil's heart beats 360 times per minute and lives an average of 3.5 years, what would be the life expectancy of a human with an average of 72 beats per minute?  Does this theory appear to hold for humans?