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Each subtopic below contains a lesson page, an interactive student practice page, and a teacher resource page.   Sections denoted with *  have Graphing Calculator references.  Note:  Certain topics in the NYS Learning Standards cross strands, such as "parabolas" occurring under both the Algebra and Geometry strands.  This site presents such topics in only one location.

Number Sense and Operations Strand 

1.  Number Theory
Properties of Real Numbers  

             Multiple Choice Practice: Real Numbers (interactive & hardcopy) 

2.  Operations

         Scientific Notation *
Fractions, Percents, Ratios, Proportions *
         Direct Variation
         Exponents (Powers)
         Absolute value
         Multiple Choice Practice: Operations (interactive & hardcopy) 

           Pre-Algebra Review (a review of some topics needed for Algebra)
                  Rational and Irrational Numbers
                  Order of Operations 
                  Signed Numbers

               Multiple Choice Practice: Pre-Algebra Review (interactive & hardcopy) 

Algebra Strand  

3.  Variables and Expressions
  Algebraic Representations  
Addition and Subtraction of Polynomials 
Multiplication of Polynomials

Division of Polynomials

Algebraic Fractions and Equations 
  Multiple Choice Practice: Variables and Expressions (interactive & hardcopy) 

4.  Equations and Inequalities 
Algebraic Translations   
Linear Equations
Systems of Linear Equations (Algebraic and Graphic) * 
Literal Equations
Quadratic Equations

Linear-Quadratic Systems *  
Exponential Growth and Decay 
Linear Inequalities (single variable)
Graphing Linear Inequalities *
Systems of Inequalities *  
        Multiple Choice Practice: Equations and Inequalities (interactive & hardcopy)  

5.  Patterns, Functions, and Relations
Set-builder and Interval Notation
         Working with Sets and Venn Diagrams 
Definition of Function 
Multiple Choice Practice: Patterns, Functions, Relations (interactive & hardcopy) 

6.  Trigonometric Functions
Pythagorean Theorem 
Trigonometric Ratios (using sine, cosine, tangent) *

         Multiple Choice Practice: Pythagorean Thm & Trigonometry (interactive & hardcopy) 

Geometry Strand 

7.  Coordinate Geometry
Slopes and Equations of Lines * 
Parallels and Perpendiculars
Parabolas *
Graphing Functions and Examining Coefficients *  
       Multiple Choice Practice: Coordinate Geometry
 (interactive & hardcopy)  

8.  Shapes
Area and Perimeter of Polygons & Circles
Volume and Surface Area of Rectangular Solids and Cylinders *
         Multiple Choice Practice: Shapes
 (interactive & hardcopy)

Measurement Strand 

9.  Measurement
Metric/English Conversions and Rates   
         Error in Measurement
         Multiple Choice Practice: Measurement
(interactive & hardcopy)  

Probability and Statistics Strand  

10.  Working with Data
         Categorizing Data and Bias
         Central Tendency: Mean-Mode-Median

         Displaying Data *
(histogram, cumulative frequency histogram, quartiles, box & whisker)
         Scatter Plots, Correlation, Line of Best Fit, Prediction *  
          Percentiles and More Quartiles *
Multiple Choice Practice - Topic: Working with Data
(interactive & hardcopy)  

11.  Probability
       Counting Principle

        Sample Spaces and Tree Diagrams
        Theoretical versus Empirical Probability
        Mutually Exclusive & Independent Events, Complement
        Conditional Probability 

        Problems Involving AND & OR  
        Multiple Choice Practice - Topic: Probability
 (interactive & hardcopy)    



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