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Directions: Write a well-
organized essay that includes an introduction, several
paragraphs addressing the task below, and a conclusion.
Turning Points
You may use any geographic feature from your study of global history.
Do not
use the United States in your answer. Some suggestions you might wish to consider
include: Neolithic Revolution, the fall of the Roman Empire, Commercial Revolution, the
year 1492, French Revolution, the year 1914, Chinese Communist Revolution, the
collapse of European imperialism, the fall of the Berlin Wall/
collapse of Soviet Union. 
You are not lim
ited to these suggestions.
Reproduced from the August 2001 Global History and Geography Regents Exam
Permission to use this resource is granted only for educational, non-profit use.
Political, economic, and social conditions have often led to turning
points that have changed the course
of history for nations and peoples.
Identify two turning points from your study of global history.
Describe the causes and key events that led to the turning point
Explain how
each turning point changed the course of history for
nations and peoples
: The rubric (scoring criteria) for this essay appears on the next page.