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Study Strategies

Here Are Some Study Tips . . .
   Take control. Make a list of all the things you need to do.
Divide your workload into manageable chunks. Prioritize. Schedule your time realistically. Stick to your deadlines.

  Get into the habit of actively studying each day.

  Choose a quiet, nondistracting place to study.

  Study for short focused blocks of time.

  Organize new information. Create outlines, charts, flashcards, timelines, and concept maps to help you visualize relationships. Try to integrate what you're studying with what you already know.

  Occasionally, study with a friend. Quiz each other, compare notes, discuss discrepancies.

  When you feel yourself losing focus, switch the type of task you are working on, the subject that you are studying, or the environment that you are in. Take a break and walk around a bit. Stop studying when you are no longer being productive.

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