Regents Prep: Living Environment
Online Resources

8a. Scientific Method

Ask the Experts (Scientific American)
Website - This interactive website allows you to ask scientific experts questions about biology, chemistry, medicine, or the environment. There is a question archive or you can ask your own question!

Biology Class: The Internet Science Room (Frontier High School)
Contains discussion of the scientific method with many associated links.

Mighty Mentoring for Teachers (Mighty Media)
Website - Match yourself up with a mentor of your own!

Scientific Method (Joe DiBari (Troy High School))
Discusses basics of the scientific method in reference to the key ideas required for the Living Environment regents examination.

Scientific Method (Colby University (Biology Department))
Discusses aspects of the scientific method.

The Scientific Method (David Morano (Monkato State University))
Discusses aspects of the scientific method and experimental design in detail.

Using The Scientific Method (Frontier High School (Red Rock, OK))
Discusses some basic aspects of the scientific method and relates it to finding a date for Friday night!

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