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Asexual Reproduction
Species are maintained in existence through the life spans process of reproduction.   Asexual reproduction produces genetically identical offspring from a single parent cell.   The process of mitosis is associated with asexual reproduction and the growth and repair of cells in sexually reproducing organisms.

Sexual Reproduction 
Sexual reproduction
produces offspring that have a combination of genes inherited from two parents sex cells or gametes.  These gametes are produced by the process of meiosis.  The single cell formed by the union of egg and sperm is called a zygote.   The zygote contains all the information necessary for growth, development, and eventual reproduction of the organism.  

Human Reproduction
Human sexual reproduction occurs in a very similar manner to other sexually reproducing animals.   Both males and females contain specialized reproductive structures designed to produce gametes and facilitate development.   Both the male and female have specialized chemicals or hormones which aid this process as well.

Human Development
The development of humans and other sexually reproducing organisms is a highly regulated process involving mitosis and differentiation.  Reproduction and development are subject to environmental impact. The general process of birth, human development, and aging involves a predictable series of events. 

Reproductive technology has medical, agricultural, and ecological applications. This technology has also stirred ethical concerns as well, especially where this technology applies to humans.

This page and the links at the left are designed to aid students in reviewing the following topics which will appear on the New York State Living Environment Regents Examination; asexual reproduction, sexual reproduction, and human reproduction and development.   In addition, students may test their knowledge of the material presented here by accessing multiple-choice questions from past Regents Exams.




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